Our entire curriculum and school culture is based on and around the teachings of Christ and children are taught to become kind, respectful, forgiving and caring young people. Great care is taken to make links between the Gospels and our day to day lessons, behaviour and treatment of others.

We are currently reviewing and developing the curriculum provision we offer at St Mary's. Whilst our curriculum will still be underpinned by the teaching of the Gospels, we are also aiming to create learning that is relevant to our pupils- we intend to create a language-rich environment, which also inspires a passion for reading and brings exciting curriculum experiences to learners. We are aiming to create an ambitious, coherently planned, broad and balanced curriculum which is developed to aid the learning of all pupils in our school. 

Below you can find our knowledge progression and topic maps for our school. As we continue with the development of our provision, these will change and be added to accordingly. 

For more information on the curriculum for years 1-6, please follow the link to the 2014 National Curriculum:

For more information on the EYFS statutory framework, please follow this link:

Saint Nicholas Owen Multi Academy Company Curriculum Intent

Knowledge Progression


Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6

St Mary's Catholic Primary School Curriculum Provision

"Learn from Jesus, love like Jesus and believe in Jesus."

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