Applying for a Place in Reception

Children in Dudley can start school (Reception) in the September after their fourth birthday.  Dudley Council's School Admissions Service publishes information on their website, informing parent/carers on how to start their child at school. However, the responsibility for applying online for a child to start reception class, remains solely with parent/carers.

When to apply

Parents can apply for a place in the Autumn of the year before their child turns 4 years of age. It is important that you apply for a place as soon as possible.  Attendance at our pre-school does not give a child automatic priority for a place

Changing schools in the middle of the year

Mid-year applications are when you apply to transfer your child from one primary school to another primary school or from one secondary school to another secondary school during the school year.

Please visit 
Changing Schools ( for further information on making an application.

The Local Governing Body of St. Mary's Catholic Primary School adhere strictly to our admission criteria.

Parish Boundary Maps

The School Admissions Code and School Admission Appeals Code came into force on 1st February 2012. In line with this, the Local Governing Body is required to publish a timetable for organising and hearing school admission appeals.

Applications from children currently attending St. Mary's Preschool

Attendance at St. Mary's Preschool does not automatically guarantee that a place will be offered in Reception class of St. Mary's Catholic Primary School. Parents must apply for a Reception place in exactly the same way as parents of children not attending Preschool. All applications will be considered against the oversubscription criteria by the Board of Directors in the same way, regardless of whether the child does or does not attend Preschool at the time of application.

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