School Procedures for Bad Weather

At St Mary’s we open the school if it is safe to do so and if we can make sure we can get enough staff into the school to look after the children.

The decision to close is never taken lightly and we consider the safety of you and your children walking or driving to school and also the weather forecast for later in the day.

We try to give you plenty of notice and will normally decide to close the school well before the day starts. Very rarely we may be forced to close the school even after the children have come in – for example if we lose heat, power or water supplies, or if the weather worsens after school has started.

  • We will send you a text message via the School Life App
  • We will post a message on the school website
  • If we know school won’t be open at all we will message you and put the information on the website by 7:30am in the morning.

    If the weather is bad but we are opening, we will also put a message on the website and send messages by 7:30am in the morning to keep you updated.

    Bear in mind if the weather worsens, we may have to close the school part way through the day and you will need to collect your child early. We seek to avoid this happening wherever possible.

    In any case – check the school website (in the noticeboard section) for the latest info in any bad weather. You should also receive a message via the school life app.

    A School Life Website
    School Life app download
    School Life app download